EPGY Open Enrollment

ECAE is pleased to offer Stanford University’s EPGY curriculum for K-7 Mathematics and Language Arts as an EPGY Open Enrollment School for students living in Minnesota.

What is EPGY Open Enrollment?

EPGY is Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth.  EPGY Open Enrollment makes K-7 EPGY on-line courses available to students who do not have access to them in their schools and who opt not to apply for the traditional tutor-supported EPGY distance-learning courses.  The curriculum has been developed in-house at Stanford University, and a few aspects of the curriculum are unique and quite interesting. The program is self-paced and allows fairly rapid progression through the materials. Through Open Enrollment, students can take the K-7 Mathematics, 2-6 Language Arts & Writing, and Beginning Algebra courses.

More information on the EPGY Open Enrollment Option can be found at:


What are the differences between the EPGY Open Enrollment Option and the traditional EPGY courses?

Cost:The biggest advantage of the EPGY Open Enrollment Option is the cost.  You get access to the entire K-7 Math, 2-6 Language Arts, and Beginning Algebra curriculum for 10 months for $135 or 5 months for $95.   (In addition there is an activation fee of $25.)   That’s a substantial savings over the cost of the traditional tutor-supported EPGY courses which run about $495 per quarter.

Please note that the $25 activation fee applies to all expired accounts and all new student accounts.  You can avoid this fee by re-enrolling  before your courses expire.

Courses Offered: Only K-7 Math, 2-6 Language Arts, and Beginning Algebra are available through the EPGY Open Enrollment Option.   The Open Enrollment Option does NOT include any of EPGY’s computer science, laboratory science, foreign language, history, economics, music, high school, or university courses.

Application process: There is no application or admission process for the EPGY Open Enrollment courses.  Only registration is required.

Tutor support:  There is no Stanford tutor support with the Open Enrollment Option.  Parents provide course-content support for their child.

Transcript:  You do not receive a Stanford EPGY transcript through the EPGY Open Enrollment Option.

How do I sign up?

Here’s where you sign up for the EPGY Open Enrollment Program:


To enroll under the ECAE Open Enrollment school, select ”Minnesota Independent” as the school district, and “Edina Center for Academic Excellence” for the school.

How do I choose the appropriate grade-level for my child?

There’s no placement exam for the EPGY Open Enrollment Option.  You’ll have to place your child in whatever level you think is appropriate, and then make adjustments once you see how it’s going.  You can contact the School Support Associate (SSA) and let her know what grade-level adjustment you want to make.

To help you select the appropriate grade level, you can go to


Form there you can select a course, and then on the red bar on the left of the screen you can click on the lessons (it will say “Grade x Lessons”) to see what’s covered at each level of that grade.  That should help you figure out what grade would be the most appropriate.

For language arts, you can go to


For Beginning Algebra, your child can take the placement exam available at


The results are for your use only.  The placement exam is not required.

How can I change the grade-level setting?

The School Support Associate (SSA) must change the grade-level setting for a student.

What other settings can be changed?

Other than grade level, the SSA can adjust these settings as well:


  • Duration (10-60 minutes, default is 20)
  • Review Exercises (0-15, default is 6)
  • Math Races:
    • On/Off (default is “On”)
    • Races per session (1-10, default is 2)
    • Exercises per math race (6-25, default is 10)
  • Strands can also be turned on or off:
    • Logic and Reasoning
    • Number Sense: Integers
    • Number Sense: Decimals and Fractions
    • Measurement
    • Geometry
    • Data/Statistics/Probability
  • Curriculum (Gifted/Reinforcement, default is Reinforcement)

Language Arts

  • Duration (10-60 minutes, default is 20)
  • Review Exercises (0-15, default is 6)
  • Strands can also be turned on or off:
    • Parts of Speech
    • Sentence Structure
    • Sentence Composition
    • Paragraphs

Can I use the software on multiple computers?

The curriculum runs on a web browser, so you should be able to access it from any computer that has internet access, but you will need to “certify” each computer to make sure it runs.

How do I get support?

ECAE_EPGY Yahoo Group:  A Yahoo group has been created for families who are enrolled in Stanford’s EPGY Open Enrollment Program through ECAE as a way for families using the EPGY curriculum to connect and support each other.  You can join this group here:


The ECAE_EPGY Yahoo group is a great forum for asking questions about other family’s experiences with the program.

SSA:  For technical support, contact your School Support Associate (SSA), who is trained by EPGY staff in the use of the course software.  Your SSA’s contact information is displayed on the student log-in page. When contacting the SSA please be sure to include: a detailed description of the anomaly and what steps you have taken to rectify it, a screen shot of the error, and your student ID number.

ECAE EPGY School Support Associate: EPGY@ecae.net

In addition, you can consult EPGY’s trouble shooting and training modules on the Support page: