A Mathematics & Physics Learning Community for Advanced Students

We welcome students from all over the metro area (and beyond)! Enjoy learning mathematics or physics with similarly advanced peers.

2016-2017 Sessions:

Fall Term: 17 September to 17 December
(10 sessions)

Winter Term: 14 January to 18 March
(10 sessions)

Spring Term:  1 April to 20 May 
(6 sessions)

Summer TermJuly to  August 
(7 sessions)

West Metro Physics Teams (WMPT): 9 September to 14 April
Physics Olympiad (F=ma): January 20
Physics Bowl: April 14

Refer to calendar below for exact dates:

 * Tentative dates are subject to change, refer to Instructor's information.

Location and Times:

Math I: 11:00am; South View Middle School, Room #135

Math II: 9:00am; South View Middle School, Room #135

Math III: 9:00am; South View Middle School, Room #130

Math IV: 11:00am; South View Middle School, Room #130

West Metro Physics Teams (WMPT):

Fridays 7:30pm - 9:00pm; South View Middle School, Room #135


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