Math IV

Math IV

Age Level: Grades 6, 7, 8. Location: South View Middle School, Room 130 (look for entrance #4, enter the right set of doors there). Instructor: Jolene Gleason

Math IV is a full year of classes targeted to mathematically talented middle school students who want to challenge their problem solving skills. Math III is not a prerequisite, but knowledge of counting and probability techniques is required. Math IV is broken up into three sessions:

Fall: Problem Solving Strategies

The fall session is 10 weeks and focuses on problems solving strategies applied to a variety of mathematical and logical problems. The fall session begins in mid-September and runs until mid-December.

Winter: Problem Solving Strategies (continued)

In the winter we do another 10 weeks focusing on problem-solving techniques. The winter session starts in early January and runs until spring break.

Spring: The Physics of Motion and Foundations of Calculus

In the 6-week spring session we establish the foundations of calculus in the context of motion in one, two, and three dimensions. The spring session starts after spring break and runs until mid-May.